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2016 Ursa Majors Plug :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 3 6 Snow Angel :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 2 2 Fit For An Empress :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 2 6 Jenny Curtis In Her Beaded Wedding Gown :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 5 8 Cove Creek :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 3 3 Phantom of the Opera :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 3 4 700-Horse Open Sleigh :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 5 2 Mauly Christmas :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 1 3
A Farmer's Christmas Story
I got a kid who loves animals.  Which is great, because we live on a farm.  She started following me around on my morning feeding chores shortly after she figured out how to walk, and despite her mom's worrying about her getting knocked down and hurt, the animals all seem to understand that they need to he gentle around her.  Her old man they'll stomp, kick, butt, bite, and pee on, but not her.  They adore her.
A couple of years back, when the snow was up to my waist, we started putting out corn for the wild turkeys and deer, because there was no way they could find food unless we helped them out.  Of course, after the snow was gone, the beggars got used to the hand-outs, and kept coming around and waiting patiently by the back fence at the edge of the woods at the same time every morning.  And there was no way my kid was going to let them go hungry.  So we worked an extra sack of corn into the feed budget for our "tall, skinny, brown sheep."
After a
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Merry Christmas From Carry On :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 3 1 Addy :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 1 0 A Certain Lack Of Warmth :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 1 0 I Got Your Nose :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 2 1 Officers' Row, USS Olympia :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 0 3 Twins :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 3 1 In My Sights :iconkdnightstar:KDNightstar 0 1


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The Diary is available to read here on DA, or published sequentially here:…
2016 Ursa Majors Plug
My comic strip, and the novel "My Diary, by Lieutenant Frederick Usiku Kruger, of the Rackenroon Hyena Brigade" have been nominated for Ursa Major Awards in "Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip" and "Best Anthropomorphic Novel" respectively.

I'd appreciate it if you could support my work by going to the web site and voting for them!

Voting requires logging in with a numerical key which they will send you.  You can vote in each category for your choice for first, second, and third place.  You don't have to vote in all categories, just mark which candidate you'd want as first place, second, and third.

Snow Angel
I wish I could be this enthusiastic about snow!

Dozer had his first significant snowfall today, and seemed to have a blast romping and rolling in it.  But then his long fur started collecting snowballs, which he couldn't quite figure out how to get rid of, so I ended up combing them out of his feathers.
Fit For An Empress
I created this panel for my comic strip, and wanted to show it in greater detail because the strip published the image rather small.

Kathy is having a dream in which the Lieutenant plays the Phantom to her Christine Daae.  
Jenny Curtis In Her Beaded Wedding Gown
After nineteen years, my husband has finally brought his two main characters, engineer Jack Black and pilot Jenny Curtis, to the brink of matrimony.  

I've been helping him out recently by drawing his strip for him, and together we hammered out a design for Jenny's wedding dress--which has been loaned to her by Jack's mother Missy--based on the couture of Bob Mackie.

The design that actually appeared in the comic strip was pure white, but I had made up this version based on a gold beaded evening gown by Mr. Mackie.
I want to thank everybody who looked in on my gallery these past few days, and especially those who chose to add my work to their "favorites" or grant me a Llama Badge.  You've all been so friendly and welcoming!

Once I feel a little more comfortable with how things work around here, I promise I'll get out and about and look in on lots more pages. 

Best wishes,



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Kathryn Garrison Kellogg
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I've been drawing, writing, cartooning, taking photographs, and creating stuff since as far back as I can remember. My appreciation for the natural world has inspired my artistic endeavors. Currently I live on a farm in West Virginia with my husband Scott, five dogs, four horses, twelve cows, sixty sheep, and a donkey. I've been writing and drawing the webcomic "Carry On" since 2004 or thereabouts, and have also written and drawn the webcomics "Of Mouse and Moon," "Pirates of Penumbra," "Alice Blue and the Gardens of Q," "Anne Bunny," and "Kate's Mountain," as well as being a regular contributor to "The Cross-Time Cafe."


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drivernjax Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
You are quite welcome, Kathy.  As I said somewhere, I'm a big fan of "Carry On" and I look forward to each and every update.
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Well, seeing I am trying to collect Llama's. I was hoping you would return to me a llama as well.
but seeing up to now, you decided not to.  It's OK.  Have a great week.

KDNightstar Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry--I don't usually hand out llamas anyway...I'm bad about that.  Grateful to get them, lazy about handing them out.

You can un-watch me if you like.  I'm kind of boring, anyway.
Bostongirl7519 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016
Do not worry about it.
I would never do that.
KDNightstar Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for understanding.  :)
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Your deviant ID is so pretty. But what kind of car is that?

Your deviations are so incredible.
The Flower Proteas. are outlandish,
they are so many different things.
I do love them.  But in Boston, Mass
no shot at planting them.  Thanks
for sharing.

If you happen to think of
it could you send me a
Lama back.  You see I'm
trying to collect them. I'll
Thank you in advance.

Good luck to you in the future,

Have a Blessed day.

Hugs Are Free,
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Happy Birthday!
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